Director Corner

Microvision IT Consultancy

Mr. Jwalin Mankad

Mr. Jwalin Mankad is  The Founder and Managing Director of Micro Vision IT Consultant. He is also the mind behind all technical aspects in the company. He use his skill, Knowledge, ethics and intuition to understand business needs and evolves company approach to sustain Mutual growth of all associates including customers , employees and share holders.

He has 8+ year Experience in diverse portfolio ranging from International business Development , sales and Marketing, Project Management, Client Relationship Management and full IT Solutions. 


Mrs. Himani Buch Mankad

Mrs. Himani Buch Mankad is a Chief Financial Officer of Micro Vision IT Consultant. She has a  5+ years Experience in Accounting, GST, Fund Management ,Inhouse Sales Handling ,Purchase Management ,Employee Management , CRM. With Great skill and wisdom She will Manage Backend of 2 Leading Service Center of IT Products.